Zwilling Pure kniv

899,00 kr.

Zwilling PURE Slicing kniv PRO

39 cm langt


ZWILLING special formula steel features an impressively well-balanced combination of chrome and carbon, which is the secret to producing a steel of supreme quality. A special ice hardening process is also used to guarantee the quality of FRIODUR branded knives, which are corrosion-resistant, flexible and have even better edge retention.


The bolster provides a smooth transition from the handle to the blade. This bolster is shaped like a hand guard and ensures safety while cutting, as well as an even distribution of weight.


ZWILLING's V-Edge sets the standard for chef's knives. The stable cutting edge, with an angle perfected to approx. 30° (15° on each side), guarantees outstanding cutting performance to meet the most exacting demands. The sharp angle delivers a much-improved initial sharpness, thus making cutting even more enjoyable. Thanks to its V-edge, the knife glides effortlessly through food.


The minimalist handle with full tang is impressively well-balanced and enables the knife to be held safely and securel

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